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Rules & Regulations

Please abide by the following rules:

Beginning Note: This board is NOT meant for children. There will be inappropriate comments and sometimes content that will get posted from time to time. We request that those who are sensitive to such materials do not visit these forums.

1. Throughout most of the board we like to have a visually appropriate environment. Therefore, any pictures containing nudity should only be posted as links and should have a warning along with them. Posting nudity in img tags is not permitted and will be frowned upon.

2. Do not post or otherwise provide direct links to warez. Offering pirated software or files is illegal and will not be allowed on this board.

3. Be kind and respectful of other people and their opinions. Debates are fair and allowed, but flame wars will only be tolerated in designated areas.


5. Signatures must remain at an appropriate size. If a staff member contacts you or removes your signature you need to resize any images to a more appropriate size or make it shorter, or both, if necessary.

6. Keep double posting to a minimum.

7. Plagiarism is a crime and will not be allowed on this board. If you are unsure of the author of something, be it a quote, story, poem, or anything else, explain that you are unsure of the true author and give the unknown author credit. Do NOT steal the work of others, or violate any local, state, and/or federal copyright laws.

8. Do not complain about members or staff on the forums! If you have complaints send a PM to an administrator, or if you feel someone is breaking the rules or doing something otherwise inappropriate, use the report feature.

9. Do not post useless attachments. If they are not relevant to the topic and make no contribution, don't post them.

10. Have fun and respect the rules!