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Welcome to the Lands page, here you can find information on many of the great places in the world of Drakmord. More information will be added from time to time.

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Mainland Countries - Central Drakmord


Ruler: His Excellence, Tukboz Grikk VII (M gnome, 78)
Capital City: Zaputekk
Pop.: ~65,000
Alignment: Good
Flag: a steel gear on a black background

General Info:
Alazmira is the land of the machines. Run almost exclusively by mechanical inventions, Alazmira is the home of almost 99% of Drakmord's gnomes. These tiny creatures spend every waking hour thinking up new inventions to add to their homes, and they never have to worry about money because other gnomes constantly buy their companions' ideas and use them, too. All of Alazmira's citizens work collectively to build a mechanical army of iron giants. These huge manlike "creatures" are operated by dozens of gnomes inside them and they can range from a few feet tall to over a hundred feet tall.
The capital city is Zaputekk, a huge mechanical city in the shape of a gear. The only reason this is the capital city is because this area is where most of Alazmira's gnomes happen to make their home.
The only other city in the country is Buckjek, and it is where it is because these gnomes wished to be near the Glyph Bay, where they attempt to build seagoing mechanical vessels and other oceanic inventions.
The Dizzbet Fields were once the site of a massive mechanical war between two factions of disgruntled gnomes. The Fields are now strewn with iron giant parts, gears and cogs.

Places of Note:
Titan's Knoll: The Titan's Knoll is a large hill where the idea for the iron giants first came about. A gnome, (no one knows which) upon looking down from this high vantage point, thought it would be most spectacular if all gnomes could be this tall, and he then devised a way to accomplish that. Other than that, Titan's Knoll is nothing special.

Well of Souls: The Well of Souls is an actual well where mystics once prayed. It is said to contain the souls of the departed and have the ability to grant wishes. This place is heavily guarded by the gnome sentry unit unoriginally named the Well Guardians.


High Paladar

High Paladar
Ruler: Galen Andrak, High Crusader, Lord of Paladins (M human, 39)
Capital City: Palanest
Pop.: ~1,000,000
Alignment: lawful good
Flag: a pair of swords crossed over a Paladarian shield

General Info:
The most powerful country in Drakmord is High Paladar. This noble country is home of the most righteous folk around, including the paladin order of Isdanda and the Council of the White. It is the home of all things good and true, and to reflect that attitude is the city of Palanest. The walls of Palanest are made from the most dazzling white marble and the towers and minarets inside the walls are even more beautiful. Palanest is also home to the white archmage, Nox. He is the head of the Council and the enemy of Orvid, the mage from the Tower of Magi. Nox resides in the Ivory Tower in the midst of Palanest. Right next to the tower is the Guildhall, the paladins' headquarters. It is a large, domed structure that one can see from almost anywhere in the city. The ruler of High Paladar, Galen Andrak, is the leader of the paladins as well, and his permanent residence is the Guildhall.
Deepbridge is one of a few bridge cities in Drakmord, and it watches travelers from the Midway Expanse and west beyond that. As the Expanse has been known to harbor the undead, the folk of Deepbridge are almost always wary. There are about 2,000 people here, plus a few hundred paladins and clerics.
Ft. Ulara, at the southern edge of the Expanse, is an extremely important city. It guards High Paladar from the nightmares of the Expanse and also from the invading forces from Ft. Drence of Mesafira. This is even more heavily defended than Deepbridge, because the southerners from the desert are organized and deadly, whereas the undead are usually not in groups and they lack intelligence. There are a little more than 1,000 citizens in Ulara, and about the same number of paladins.
Lebbeth is a strange city. It belongs to High Paladar, but actually rests inside Rargenn's borders. Besides that, the people there are usually considered mad, for they are often seen wearing outlandish clothing and telling wild tales that make a normal paladarian skeptical. lebbeth actually has an important function, however: it site on the Caranthy River and filters it so the poisons in the waters as they come down from the mountains don't get into the Deep Heizhe Sea. The poisons being referred to are simple things: minerals, chemicals, and other substances that normally aren't harmful, but the aquatic elves that live in the sea are highly intolerant of them. So, Lebbeth agreed to filter the water (with a huge mechanism invented by the mage, Nox) and in return, the elves supply Palanest with precious things from the seafloor, such as pearls, rare minerals, and occasionally, weapons the elves have crafted.

Places of Note:
Silver Gate: One of the most curious places of High Paladar is Silver Gate. Supposedly some kind of gateway, this arch of stone and silver has stood on the shore of the Deep Heizhe for ages. No one has ever been able to get it to do anything, not even Nox. Its function is entirely unknown, if it even has a function.

Mt. Forbenta: Mt. Forbenta is the tallest peak in Drakmord. It reaches well over fifteen thousand feet into the air, and only one person has been known to climb it: a human from Vethist by the name of Ethezar Blayvin. He was hungry for fame and glory, and he believed that climbing the tallest peak in the world would be the best way. Most believe he had magical help, whether it was flight, cold resistance, or something else, but many people find it hard to believe he could have done it on his own.

Midway Expanse: The last real interesting place in High Paladar is the Midway Expanse, mentioned earlier. This plain is like a breeding ground for the undead. The lords of the Soulrest Mts. in ages past used to bury their thousands of dead in this field, and now the spirits of the people that lived in those mountains want their bodies back. The Expanse is avoided as much as possible and is guarded against very strongly.


Ruler: Rothiel Driden
Capital City: Vendethiln, City of Worlds
Pop.: unknown (estimated at over 5 million)
Alignment: lawful evil
Flag: a flaming skull on a black background

General Info:
Immora is the land where Rothiel Driden, the most powerful evil being to walk the land of Drakmord, resides. The main feature of this land is the Rift. The Rift is a huge chasm that runs for over one hundred miles through Immora, from north to south, and at the southern tip of it rests the Godspire (a little tip of the hat to the NWN forum of the same name that HMH loved dearly). This huge tower stretches into the clouds and is by far the tallest manmade structure in the world. There is no door, for Rothiel Driden has no need of such a thing, and no other creature is meant to enter.
The Rift itself is guarded by a colossal creature known as Eternity, and beneath the Rift is a city so vast that is stretches beyond the borders of Immora underground. This city is Vendethiln, City of Worlds. Within it, there are portals to other planes and other realms. And Rothiel Driden watches over it all.
His Dark Malevolence has had at least a hand in just about every major war in Drakmord's history, and in many he has played a very large part. He commands a huge army of minotaurs, undead, and hellish creatures of darkness, widely believed to be unstoppable if he were to unleash it in force.

Places of Note:
Masteo Plains: These large fields are some of the most magic-rich places in Drakmord, as they lie so close to the mystical Godspire and the Rift. The aura that the plains gives off can make travelers lightheaded and -hearted, leading to them lowering their guards, at which point the clansmen of the plains strike. These men are cruel and savage, and choose to reside here because for some reason, their clan is immune to the mind-numbing effects of the plains, allowing them easy prey. The King of Unepti, Mandamar VIII, wishes these men eradicated, for he would like to send emissaries and tradesmen south through the plains without having to deal with a body count afterwards.


Ruler: His Gloriousness, Lord Jekbir Zivagan (M human, 34)
Capital City: Traina
Pop.: unknown
Alignment: neutral evil
Flag: the many-colored Pavilion of the Master

General Info:
Mesafira is arguably the largest of all of Drakmord's nations, as it is rumored to stretch for thousands of miles into the south as a gigantic desert. No one besides the residents of Mesafira seem to want to venture into the dunes to verify this, however. The sands of the Mesafira desert are plagued by huge lavaworms and sandworms that burrow through the dunes, causing tremors and occasional fatalities. The people are fierce and extremely stern, believing strongly in order, justice, and discipline. The nation's people are mostly tradesmen/-women. Their military is feared, if rarely seen, for it is believed to be millions strong, yet Mesafira has hardly ever set loose this monter power it is said to have. It instead chooses to keep a portion of its army at Fort Drence on the southern edge of the Landwalk, where their troops terrorize the forces of Fort Ulara of High Paladar.
Their army, known as the Virr, is broken up into seven groups, like this: Black Virr - specializes in speed and assassination; Yellow Virr - the tactical and strategic division; Blue Virr - wizard division; White Virr - priest/cleric division; Red Virr - the largest division, known for its members fearlessness and strength; Brood Virr - large creatures that hover over the battlefield and attack with blasts of energy; Bruiser Virr - bulky creatures that stand taller and deal more damage than regular Virr troops, at the expense of speed.
Traina, the grand desert pavilion city, is this nation's capital. It consists of hundreds and hundreds of large tents and teepees that can be moved at any moment if need be. The largest tent in Traina is the Pavilion of the Master, depicted on Mesafira's flag, home of Jekbir Zivagan. This man is dressed very extravagantly, with many-colored clothing of exotic cut and material. He also sports a large turban, one of the very few among his people who do so. Zivagan is said to be a very accomplished swordsman, so he usually isn't threatened by people who think they deserve to be the leader more than he does.
The only other well-known city of Mesafira is Murdokk. This renegade city on the outskirts of the Deep South is a harbor for thieves, liars, and other generally corrupt individuals, making it an unsafe place at best. Most of the people who come to Murdokk come for goods or information, and most make a point of not staying the night in any of Murdokk's inns, for fear of robbery or worse. A good number of the citizens here eventually make their way down to Roffelt and become residents of the castle there.

Places of Note:
The Peatbog: One of the only non-desert areas of Mesafira is the Peatbog. This marsh is extremely putrid, filthy, and vile, and there is a constant miasma hanging over the area. The insects are thick, the water brackish, and the creatures horrifying. One of the most noteworthy creatures that reside here is the Worm. This legendary monster makes its abode in the form of a network of tunnels and holes in the Peatbog and underneath it. The Worm is said to have eaten many an adventurer journeying through the bog and is feared for miles around. The evil creatures that reside here are collectively known as the Rot.


Ruler: Miromak the Shaman (M human, age unknown)
Capital City: Trune
Pop.: ~3,500
Alignment: neutral
Flag: seven jewels arranged in a pattern, with the brightest jewel surrounded by the other six

General Info:
Olyqua is a strange little group of islands where people are prone to vanish and never return. Almost everyone there is either a shaman or a bard. The capital city is Trune, though it isn't much larger than the other settlements of Olyqua. One thing the city is famous for worldwide is the Great Circus. At this bi-annual event, thousands of people from across thousands of miles gather at the Pavilion of the Fools, quite possibly the largest tent in recorded history. Inside this canvas palace, performances and treats of all kinds can be found. It last for an entire week, at the end of which the people go home content and merry.
Pleg, the only other well-known town of Olyqua, is the home of many of Drakmord's bards. These wandering minstrels, scribes, rogues, and troubadours make their living by singing, telling tales, and playing their preferred instrument, usually a hard or flute. Many people come to Pleg each year to train to become a bard because they think it'd be a fun and easy-going lifestyle. This isn't the case, as any bard will tell you. Your next meal and place to sleep depends solely on your ability and the audience's interest.

Places of Note:
Garoth Freid: This once vast, golden city now lies in an enormous heap of rubble. The sages no longer recall what people populated these halls in ages past, but the rumors of wondrous treasure beneath the surface are numerous. There is even, supposedly, a golden gryphon that makes its home deep inside the ruins, and there is a large sum to be had for any adventurer who brings it back dead.


Ruler: Thane Brukald Ironfist (M dwarf, 187)
Capital City: Rugall
Pop.: ~850,000
Alignment: neutral good (Fort Neverlife is lawful evil)
Flag: a dwarven war axe splitting a boulder

General Info:
The dwarven country of Rargenn is seldom mentioned in the annals of history, but when it does get mentioned, it seems their is usually a war going on. The dwarves of Rargenn love battle, ale, and precious stones like all dwarves, but they have a tendency of keeping to themselves, not even trading with other countries or involving themselves with world politics. On the rare occasion they do come out of their mountain, they exact swift justice on any foes that may be bothering them, then return to their lives. They're not known for their infinite patience, but when it comes to battle, they're in it for the long haul. They will not give up until either all their foes or all of their own warriors are no longer standing, which makes them a very dangerous force. In wartime, they generally ally themselves with High Paladar and, on occasion, Vagabond, though they don't enjoy the latter. The Highlanders of that country do not see eye to eye with the dwarves (pun only slightly unintentional), making an alliance difficult.
The capital city is Rugall. This huge mountain palace consists of tunnels and shafts constructed in a huge network beneath the mountain. They carved a huge hammer into the side of the peak, so that all surrounding lands could see it and know the dwarves were there, even if they could not be seen. The entrance is a huge stone gate that is built directly into the mountain.
Another city of Rargenn is Kublia. This city was built by the elves of teh Dramwir Forest, and they don't get along well with the dwarves. There has been talk of the Dramwirian elves actually breaking off from Rargenn and becoming their own country. The elves are led by a female named Lithuellia, a potent magic user and a reader of the stars. She keeps her magical power in a huge tome known as the Urzalum. The Dramwirian army has a reputation of its own, for it has aided several nations in various wars.
The only other city of Rargenn is Fort Neverlife. This evil place houses more savage and heartless creatures than any other place in Drakmord, save perhaps Vendethiln. It is the epitome of darkness, hollowness, and cruelty. Its leader is named Fudorik Cestemus. This vile drow elf has tormented thousands of souls, broken even more bodies, and shattered even more dreams. And he serves Rothiel Driden, Lord of Immora. Cestemus commands Driden's armies and kills in his name. He carves bloody swathes through history in his glory. His is filthy, and many of Drakmord's people wish him dead.

Places of Note:
The Gem Mine: One of the most popular places Rargenn has to offer is the Gem Mine. This sprawling cavern glitters with jewels and minerals, and is guarded very heavily. The dwarves are highly protective of this place, and have heavily armored dwarven warriors set to guard the entrance, and titans to guard the depths of the mine.

Greenbridge: Another minor detail of Rargenn is Greenbridge. No, this isn't a town. It's just a bridge, and it spans the Caranthy River. It is the only way to get to Lebbeth from High Paladar, the country to which Lebbeth belongs. People must cross into Rargenn to enter Lebbeth. This is a strange system, but as the dwarves don't usually go so far north, it doesn't bother them, and it's only a minor inconvenience, so the people of Lebbeth haven't bothered to tear down the city wall just to build another entrance.


Ruler: Lord Urul Roffelt (M human, 60)
Capital City: Roffelt Castle
Pop.: ~4,500
Alignment: chaotic evil
Flag: a large heap of gold coins upon a dark green background

General Info:
Roffelt is a small country south of Rargenn that is encircled by mountains. The only people that reside there are the humans of Roffelt Castle. Urul Roffelt, a short, squat man of about sixty, is the greedy and malicious ruler of the country, which he named after himself. Roffelt is one of the smallest countries in Drakmord, and it has remained this way because Urul is too greedy and cowardly to risk what he already has to expand his borders.
His followers are made up of bigots, zealots, and liars. The castle streets are crowded with poor, homeless people thta he doesn't care to help. Basically, the only thing he has going for him is a semi-strong military. Led by Maxus Gorr, a hulking, dark-skinned man, the soldiers of Roffelt are fierce fighters, but they lack numbers. Urul himself has little to do with the army, but he has occasionally joined a battle with his Staff of Chaos that he stole from a mage in years past. The mountains nesting his city have foothills rich in minerals, iron, and wood, but no one harvests these resources, so his keep is currently going through a food shortage problem. Urul, being the greedy man that he is, has hoarded most of the remaining foodstuffs for himself, not caring about his people in the least. The only reason he even has people in his city is because they were turned away everywhere else, except Maxus, who has been Urul's bodyguard for many years.

Places of Note:
Roffelt Fields: The only other feature of Roffelt is the Roffelt Fields, again so named because Urul likes the sound of his own name. These fields are dry, cold, and harsh, and are not often traveled.


Ruler: Lithbane XXII (M human, 49)
Capital City: Sladei
Pop.: ~200,000
Alignment: evil
Flag: the keep of Sladei resting atop a plateau

General Info:

Places of Note: