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Fun & Entertainment



Talk about all sorts of games, pc, xbox, playstation, nintendo, old school, new school, you name it.

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Fun Topics

Here you can post your online quizzes, riddles, and even "forum-games." You know, like "finish the sentence" and "word association." Yeah... you get the idea.

  1. Official Contests
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General Role-Play

Members can use this section to role-play. Role-play may be from a wide-range of subjects, so there is something for everyone. If the type of role-play you want doesn't exist, start a new one.

  1. RP Plans & Discussion
  2. Tales of Drakmord
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Computers & Technology

Discuss computers. From the latest ones on the market, to your very own specs and tweaks. Discuss technology in general. The blu-ray player, mp3 players, or flash drives. Or perhaps that new GPS system in your car? Maybe you're having computer problems and need a hand? All things technology go here.

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Television & Movies

Dying to tell people about that awesome movie you just saw? Can't wait to see a movie coming to theaters? In love with a television series? This is the place. Come in and tell us about it. We're curious. ;)

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Discuss all things musical. From your favorite bands, to your failings at playing the trumpet. Or perhaps brag about how well you play the clarinet! :D

  1. Musical Creations & Pursuits
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